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Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Pictures

Profession: Actress

Name: Michelle Williams

Height: 5"4

Nationality: American

Why Famous: Dawson's Creek, Dick

Date of Birth: 9th September, 1980

Birth Place: Kalispell, Montana, USA
Michelle Williams picturesMichelle Williams pictures

Michelle Williams Bio
Michelle Williams was born in a small town called Kalispell in Montana. By the age of ten, she moved to San Diego where her parents enrolled her in a community theatre. Williams quickly caught the acting bug and she soon found herself traveling back and forth from San Diego to Los Angeles on a regular basis for professional auditions.

Williams' first screen debut was at the age of fourteen in an adaptation of the Lassie. Her career then shifted towards a darker road with appearances in two science-fiction movies called Timemaster and Species, where she played the little scared human-alien hybrid that escapes from the government lab and eventually evolves into a fully grown Natasha Henstridge.

Convinced by her acting talents and the signs that her career was starting to heat up, Williams turned to accelerated home schooling and graduated early. She then moved into a small Burbank apartment at the age of 15. The transition was difficult for both her and her family.

Michelle landed a series of small roles in television projects such as Killing Mr. Griffin, Kangaroo Palace the mini series, as well as a guest appearance on Home Improvement. Michelle also landed a role as Michelle Pfeiffer's daughter in A Thousand Acres, a successful story about the break-up of a modern American farming family.

Michelle Williams is perhaps best known for her role as Jennifer Lindley on Dawson's Creek, a show that opens a window into the lives of four friends with many adolescent issues. Williams admits to drawing on her own life experiences to inform her characterization of Dawson's Jennifer Lindley. The show made her instantly recognizable as Jennifer. Jennifer is the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Dawson Leery played by James Van Der Beek, the main character of the show. Williams' role on the show has given her a certain level of notoriety.

Her career took a serious turn towards the big screen in 1998, when she landed a supporting role alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween H20. In her next big screen flick, Williams co-starred with Kirsten Dunst in the comedy Dick, a movie about two girls who wander away from their White House group tour and become mixed up in the Watergate affair.

Michelle Williams Fan Mail
Michelle Williams C/O Dawsons Creek C/O The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

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