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Julia Roberts

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Profession: Actress

Name: Julia Roberts

Height: 5"9

Nationality: American

Why Famous: Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Erin Brockovich, and many other movies.

Date of Birth: 28th October, 1967

Birth Place: Smyrna, Georgia, USA
Julia Roberts picturesJulia Roberts pictures

Julia Roberts Bio
Ever since she lit up the screen as the streetwalking Cinderella who wins the heart of millionaire Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts has been hailed as one of the brightest stars in cinema today. Even when she's not making movies — some might say especially when she's not making movies — Roberts makes headlines, as tabloid paparazzi feverishly document the nitty-gritty details of her personal life. When she had a beer with the regulars at Manhattan's Hogs & Heifers club and — in keeping with one of that hotspot's more notorious customs — discreetly donated her bra to the bar's permanent collection of patron undergarments, dutiful gossip columnists rushed to inform an anxiously awaiting public that the actress wears a size 34B. While her popularity at the box office has tailed off since her star-confirming role in Pretty Woman, Roberts' numerous romantic entanglements with fellow celebrities have kept her squarely beneath the lens of the celebrity microscope — with everyone from Sean Penn to Matthew Perry in her past, the rumor mill starts to grind away if she so much as shares a handshake with a male of note. No longer the fresh-faced, bubbly ingenue who became a two-time Oscar nominee before the age of 24, Roberts nonetheless remains a huge draw at the box office and still commands one of the highest salaries in Hollywood.

That girl-next-door persona that made Roberts famous has roots in reality: she was born in the small-townish Atlanta suburb of Smyrna, Georgia, the daughter of a vacuum salesman and a church secretary. Her parents divorced when she was 4, and her father, with whom Roberts shared a deep attachment, died of cancer when she was just 9 (Roberts has claimed that his passage "has altered every philosophy of life [she's] ever had"). Though both mom and dad were experienced thespians — the Robertses had even conducted a workshop for actors and playwrights for several years prior to their daughter's birth — Julia grew up hoping to become a veterinarian. That dream lasted until she graduated from high school, whereupon, at the tender age of 17, she joined her actress sister Lisa in New York to pursue a career in acting. Roberts signed on with the Click modeling agency to pay the bills, and enrolled in several acting classes, none of which she found enlightening enough to complete. Nepotism got Roberts her first big break in 1986, when older brother Eric convinced director Eric Masterson to cast his little sister as, well, his little sister in the sun-ripened winery drama Blood Red. The film got shelved shortly after it was finished (it was finally released in theaters in 1990), and Roberts didn't end up making her professional debut until 1988, when she appeared on an episode of television's Crime Story.

That same year, Roberts took a bow in two feature films, the forgettable Satisfaction and the whimsical Mystic Pizza, the latter of which presented the breakout opportunity of her career. Playing the role of a Portuguese waitress in a small-town pizzeria, Roberts walked away with the movie and won raves from critics across the nation. The starmaking buzz increased in volume following an Oscar-nominated turn as a doomed bride in 1989's Steel Magnolias, and hit a fever pitch the next year when Pretty Woman arrived in theaters and transformed a promising young actress into a bona fide superstar. Believe it or not, Pretty Woman was originally envisioned as a bleak character drama (think Leaving Las Vegas), and it was while the project was in its infancy that Roberts won the part of hooker Vivian Ward, a role she admits she "chased down like a dog." Shortly thereafter, the script was purchased by Disney, and those interfering busybodies decided to turn it into a sunny romantic comedy.. A reluctant Roberts surrendered to this new vision at the urging of director Garry Marshall, and good thing she did — the film soared to record-setting heights at the box office and garnered a Best Actress Oscar nomination for its star.

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