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Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher Pictures

Profession: Actress

Name: Isla Fisher

Height: 5"3

Nationality: Saudia Arabian

Why Famous: Australian soap Home and Away, Scooby-Doo

Date of Birth: 3rd February, 1976

Birth Place: Muscat, Sultnate of Oman
Isla Fisher picturesIsla Fisher pictures

Isla Fisher Bio
Isla was born on 3rd Feb 1976 In Muscat, Oman Saudi Arabia, Isla was the only girl in her family standing alongside her four brothers. Her father worked as a banker and her mother was a novelist who would play an important part in Isla's wrting career.

Her family moved to Australia in the early 80's and from a young age Isla started to show an interest in both acting and writing. At the age of 9 years Isla was already appearing in commercials broadcast on Australian TV. It wasn't long before things took off and she landed a few parts in a small Australian series called "Bay City" Although this was only a small time series it did give Isla the opening she required to go on and grab a part in "Paradise Beach" At last Isla could now begin building her acting career. After the series came to an end unknown to Isla at the time, she would go on to land the part of "Shannon Reed" in one of Australia's largest soaps "Home And Away"

Whilst working on the set of Home & Away Isla also found the time for her second passion; writing. With the help of her mother she would go on to release two best selling novels. Both based around teenage romance, "Seduced by Fame" and "Bewitched" would both become top sellers.

Isla has been amongst FHM's World's Sexiest Women for the past few years: 35th in 1997, 11th in 1998, 24th in 1999, 45th in 2000, and 26th in 2003. At the time of writing Isla is currently dating Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen).

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