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Holly Valance

Holly Valance Pictures

Profession: Musician Actress

Name: Holly Valance

Height: 5"8

Nationality: Australian

Why Famous: Neighbours, raunchy music videos.

Date of Birth: 11th May, 1983

Birth Place: New Zealand
Holly Valance picturesHolly Valance pictures

Holly Valance Bio
Holly\'s family originates from Yugoslavia but she was born in New Zealand and then moved to Australia. Her mum was the one that suggested acting and although Holly wasn\'t convinced she soon reaped the rewards. As well as modelling, TV ads, and Neighbours, she has now hit the big time starring in her own music videos. While her sunny good looks are a blend of both her parents\' fine features, Holly has no idea where her trademark dimple on her chin comes from. \"I don’t know which member of the family I inherited it from,\" she says. \"Neither Mum nor Dad has one.\"

Holly likes the sounds of Eastern-style music, so it’s no surprise that Kiss Kiss was originally written and performed by Turkish pop star Tarkan. \"I really want to hear what he thinks of the song but I haven’t had any feedback\", Holly says. \"Maybe one day in the future he\'ll send me a little letter saying, \'Thanks for making me the money\"

Holly drives a Honda Prelude but has plans to buy others in the future. \"I\'m planning to buy a Godzilla, Nissan Skyline GTR, V8; after that, maybe a Porsche Turbo 996. A new Mercedes 500 SL got me drooling - I\'m into cars! I wouldn\'t mind a Maranello Ferrari, either. I could go on and on. Holly likes her name but she says she is known to her friends simply as \"Holl\". \"I hate it when people call me Holly,\" she reveals. \"I prefer Holl - everybody calls me Holl.\" Like most celebs, she has found there is a downside to fame. \"Sometimes you get asked some really stupid questions,\" she complains. \"But I still try to answer them truthfully. People can also be abrupt and rude.\"

Holly Valance Fan Mail
Holly Valance
c/o Neighbours
Grundy Television
70 Park Street
South Melbourne
Victoria 3205

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Holly Valance Pictures