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Estella Warren

Estella Warren Pictures

Profession: Actress

Name: Estella Warren

Height: 5"9

Nationality: Canadian

Why Famous: Planet of the Apes, modelling

Date of Birth: 23rd December, 1978

Birth Place: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Estella Warren picturesEstella Warren pictures

Estella Warren Bio
Estella Warren was born on 23 December, 1978 in Peterborough, Ontario Canada. She began modelling when she was in a fashion show at high school, and her Polaroid was sent to a modelling agent in New York. She soon after appeared in three issues of Italian Vogue with Ellen Von Unwerth. She says "I thought it would be fun but it was hard work". Estella was then chosen as the model for the Chanel #5 campaign, and then the Perry Ellis campaign. She says she likes modelling because she gets to meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds. "You learn to deal with different characters". Estella also likes the travelling that goes with modelling internationally.

As Estella now lives in New York, she says she misses the open space of Canada but that New York has such a fun, fast, invigorating pace. "You get so much done in a day here". Estella says that to keep her model figure, she exercises a lot. "I get an adrenaline rush after exercising every day. I run, bike, do yoga or hike. I like to take bike rides with my boyfriend. At the gym, I do cardio, sit-ups and stretch". She also says she eats plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean proteins and whole grains. "When I really crave something sweet, I treat myself to cookies and ice cream. I also love steak".

Estella's hobbies include singing, swimming, horseback riding and playing the piano. She says that if she wasn't modelling, she would love to get into acting, or she would want to own a classic French restaurant or a bar/restaurant, because she loves to cook. Of late however, it seems that Estella has decided to take up acting after all. Estella has been in several films: Driven in which she plays Sophia Simone, Planet of the Apes (does anyone think this is as good as the original?) in which she plays Nova, Tangled and Perfume.

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The Endeavor Agency
9701 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Fl.
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

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