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Cameron Diaz

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Profession: Actress

Name: Cameron Diaz

Height: 5"10

Nationality: American

Why Famous: Recent movies including "There's Something About Mary" and "Charlie's Angels" along with her modelling career.

Date of Birth: 30th August, 1972

Birth Place: San Diego, CA, USA
Cameron Diaz picturesCameron Diaz pictures

Cameron Diaz Bio
Cameron Diaz started out as a model who left home to live in Japan after she landed a contract with the (corrupt) Elite Modeling Agency. Soon she was modeling all over the world, from Mexico to Australia, from Paris to Morocco, continuing to build her modeling career and earn a great living. Cameron appeared in advertisements for large companies such as Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola, and Levi's.

Cameron Diaz then shot to stardom at the tender age of 21 when she landed a potentially sky-rocketing role opposite rising superstar comedian Jim Carrey in The Mask. With her foot well in the door of Hollywood films, she was next afforded the chance to kick Hollywood ass in the feature film version of Mortal Kombat. For this role, Diaz would require martial arts training. But luck would send Diaz down a different road after she injured her wrist karate-chopping her trainer's head. Cameron Diaz instead returned to some high-paying modeling jobs and found smaller, low-paying roles in independent films.

Cameron played a character named Jude in The Last Supper (1995) - "I did the Last Supper simply to get the opportunity to work with other actors. I never had any other experience acting other than The Mask." It was during this year (1995) that Cameron ended her longstanding, 5-year relationship with Carlos de La Torre. In Feeling Minnesota (1996), she runs off with her brother-in-law (Keanu Reeves). In She's the One (1996), Cameron sleeps with bros. Ed Burns and Mike McGlone. Strangely, many of Cameron's acting roles involved playing vulnerable females, often tied-up; Cameron also displays her well-shaped body in these movies with swimsuits and several swimming scenes.

Returning to the big-studio films, Cameron's task was to star side-by-side with Hollywood cutie Julia Roberts who was also making somewhat of a return in My Best Friend's Wedding. The summer romantic comedy scored well among critics. Cameron then went on to A Live Less Ordinary by Danny Boyle with kidnapper Ewan McGregor.

Cameron has relatively recently starred in her two biggest movies yet - the Faralley brothers' There's Something About Mary with her ex-beau and costar Matt Dillon, and Charlie's Angels. Cameron is now as popular as ever!

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